Italy is a country rich in monuments and churches – over 67,000! This enormous heritage needs to be managed and protected in an often fragile territory frequently impacted by earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Many of them are also buildings of historical, artistic or archaeological interest, that may be subject to heritage restrictions by the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage and Fine Arts.
The presence of such a lien entails a whole series of additional obligations in terms of maintenance and preservation of the property.

The only effective remedy to avoid irreparable damage to this heritage is preventive maintenance, since in the event of an earthquake the oldest buildings, born with structural deficiencies and weakened by time and lack of care, are the worst hit.

This is not only an issue of asset preservation, but also of the safety of the people who frequent and use these buildings, an aspect too often forgotten, or relegated to the background, by those who underestimate (or even deny the existence of) structural issues.

Hence the need for methodologies that restore the balance between conservation and safety needs, adopting an approach that gives each aspect its due.

CAMS offers services based on the use of new materials and innovative technologies that can reconcile the safety and conservation requirements of churches and monuments.

Seismic retrofitting and structural reinforcement

The best approach to the protection of buildings of historical and artistic interest is prevention. Investing today in the restoration of churches and monuments, working on seismic retrofitting and structural reinforcement, is a basic requirement for preventing casualties and far greater future expenses in the event of an earthquake impacting buildings.

Reinforced concrete repair

CAMS provides durable repairs and routine and extraordinary maintenance of structures, for elements including piles, shoulders, beams, arches, caps and footings in reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete.


The renovation and restoration of churches and monuments has several critical aspects. In addition to the bureaucratic and operational difficulties, there are the problems associated with the special structural features and those related to heritage requirements.

CAMS has the knowledge, experience and expertise to satisfy all these requirements.

Why choose CAMS?

Our interdisciplinary expertise and skills enable us to tackle a project in its entirety,
ensuring a triple benefit for the client:


A Single Point of Contact

From seismic retrofitting to structural reinforcement, reinforced concrete repair to restoration of the  church or monument.

From diagnostics to monitoring, design to project execution and supplier relations: you have just one point of contact to deal with. Complete your project without stress and misunderstandings.


Problem Solving

Our expertise, experience and deep knowledge of the industry enable us to respond to your requirements more flexibly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to
wasted time and money.


Certified Quality

The company is quality certified pursuant to
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
and our technicians have Personal Qualification Certificates for the installation of composite materials.

Rest assured that your project
is in the hands of professionals.


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