CAMS specializes in the construction, maintenance and renovation of industrial, commercial, agricultural and livestock sheds. These include prefabricated sheds for production activities including the storage of tools and materials, storage of goods, sheltering vehicles, etc.

Prefabricated shed construction

The construction of earthquake-resistant prefabricated or metal industrial sheds requires a great deal of know-how, starting with the ability to coordinate all parties involved in the project (from the workers to the designers), and ending with the management of activities like geological surveys and administrative permit management.

In addition, each shed, depending on its intended use, has different technical and engineering requirements involving designers with expertise in multiple fields, capable of adapting the construction to the client’s needs to maximize its efficiency.

Shed maintenance

Industrial sheds need maintenance and renovation over time to prevent structural damage and safety problems (degraded concrete, corrosion, etc.).

Properly scheduled maintenance can help both to ensure a safe working environment for workers and to maintain the efficiency of equipment in the case of production activities.

Seismic retrofitting

A critical issue in the assessment is the seismic zone in which the buildings are located. All Italian municipalities, for example, have been classified according to their seismic risk on the basis of the frequency and intensity of past earthquakes.

Many of the sheds built previously to 2008 were designed and constructed in accordance with inadequate seismic regulations which were less safe than current ones, and those built in the 1980s were not compliant with any regulations at all.

The current earthquake regulations were updated in 2003 and 2008. The current NTC 2018 regulations for structural calculations have brought Italy up to the standards of Europe and countries with a higher level of seismic risk.

Current regulations governing the construction of new sheds require compliance with NTC 2018. But one must also take into account Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 (Consolidated Act on the Occupational Health and Safety), which aims to protect the health and safety of users and workers in all work environments, whether public or private.

These objectives are achieved in the drawing up of the “Risk Assessment Report” and the subsequent elimination or containment of identified risks before they produce potential harm or undesirable effects.

Therefore, in the event that such an assessment has found that the level of seismic resistance of the company building is inadequate, precise protection and prevention measures must be identified, most likely including seismic upgrading.

CAMS offers maintenance and seismic retrofitting of sheds and structures by means of structural reinforcement, particularly corroded reinforcement repair for reinforced concrete structures and reinforcement with composite materials, including carbon fiber, galvanized steel fiber, basalt fiber, glass fiber, and aramid fiber.

In addition, our experience over the years
enables us to take action in most cases
without interrupting production
and causing the least possible disturbance to workers.

For the maintenance, design and construction of industrial and agricultural sheds, CAMS is the ideal contact. It also offers seismic retrofitting of buildings and sheds.

Why choose CAMS?

For the construction and renovation of industrial, commercial, agricultural and livestock sheds, our interdisciplinary expertise and skills enable us to tackle a project in its entirety, ensuring a triple benefit for the client:


A Single Point of Contact




Certified Quality


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