CAMS is specialized in the construction of houses, condominiums and general civil and residential buildings. Our team of designers, managers and workers share years of experience in the civil construction industry, and can supervise every aspect of the project, from design to final delivery, with services tailored to the client’s needs with the highest quality of work.

We also provide Global Service activities related to job order management for civil and residential buildings, including the installation of electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other infrastructure.

Technical innovation and environmental sustainability

Our mission is not just to create housing, but to create buildings
that combinetechnically innovative systems and structures with environmental sustainability.

All our materials are supplied by qualified companies, specialists in their various areas of expertise.

We equip homes with every comfort, and install home automation systems to allow the automation and control of multiple components even remotely with a simple smartphone.

Our solutions are based on the use of renewable energy to minimize environmental impact – as well as cutting costs.

We provide assistance in obtaining available tax bonuses, as well as property upgrading options to save the client a lot of money.

All this
adds value to the property
that will be maintained over time.

For your residential construction, home building and civil building needs,
CAMS is the company of choice.

Why choose CAMS?

In the residential construction sector, our interdisciplinary expertise and skills enable us to tackle a project in its entirety, providing a triple benefit for the client:


A Single Point of Contact




Certified Quality


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