CAMS specializes in roofing maintenance: cleaning, repair, renovation and, if necessary, complete roof replacement.

A roof, whether flat or multi-pitch, requires regular inspection and maintenance, including the removal of debris and leaves, fixing waterproofing, or properly securing structural components.

Underestimating these problems can lead to even greater damage, like seepage and even detached roof tiles and eaves; proper maintenance allows you to maintain the value of your property and ensures peace of mind.

We do specialized construction for both public and private clients.
We therefore have all the tools and experience to deal with any issue related to home renovations, from the foundations to the roof.

Whatever your roofing problem, whether minor damage, seepage or displaced tiles, whether you need a small repair or complete roof replacement, we can take care of it all.


A skylight can add an exceptional view of the outside world, and makes rooms appear larger than they are. They are a great way to make a room appear larger, airy and bright; perfect for a relaxing environment – or even the office.

Cavity floors for flat roofs

We install cavity floors for terraces, balconies and other transitional area such as sidewalks.
One of the advantages of this type of flooring is that it can also be installed on a roof without making it too heavy.
Another advantage is that each individual piece can be easily lifted out to gives access to the underfloor area (for repairs and maintenance), or for replacement when needed.

Cavity floor panels are generally made of two materials, rubber or concrete, both of which have excellent durability and provide the roof on which they are laid with a better seal and greater protection from the weather. These panels are available in a wide range of different colors and shapes.

CAMS offers a fully customizable, adjustable and flexible roof covering and paving system, even when the roof is not perfectly flat, thus making it level and safe for walking on.

Green roofs

In our increasingly hectic and polluted cities, green roofs covered with greenery have become an increasingly important alternative for greening unused and unattractive areas and integrating them into our living space.

Green roofs provide many psychological and physiological health benefits, and contribute to the environment by reducing urban heat and decreasing the carbon footprint of the building. Green roofs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but their controlled water absorption helps the roof withstand extreme climatic conditions. They also provide more insulation than a traditional roof, without compromising the waterproofing and insulation characteristics of a normal flat roof.

For all your roof maintenance, repair and replacement needs,
CAMS is the go-to company.


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