CAMS is a construction company specializing in exterior thermal insulation on both new energy-efficient buildings and buildings under renovation, to increase the energy class of the building and qualify for tax benefits.

Reducing consumption, saving on utility bills, living in a healthier environment, and doing good for the surrounding environment are attractive considerations in themselves.
Now this option is also supported by  tax bonuses.

The advantages of Thermal Insulation

Unquestionably, energy savings are the most immediate and tangible benefit, but equipping your residential, office or business property with a thermal insulation system offers many other benefits, including:



The cladding basically reduces almost zero the temperature difference between the indoor air and the wall of the building, improving the thermal performance of the interior and restoring a feeling of well-being to its occupants.


Say goodbye to condensation and mould!!

The cladding eliminates cold spots that generate condensation, the ideal location for mould. In addition to the aesthetic upgrade, the absence of mould improves the indoor air quality and helps prevent respiratory allergies.


Add value to your property

Increasing the energy rating of a building increases its value (as well as preserving it over time), which is an important consideration in case of future resale.


Cooler in summer
and warmer in winter

The cladding protects the building and mitigates the effects of changing temperatures. It prevents the wall from overheating in the summer sun and getting too cold in the winter.

Interior Thermal Insulation

Interior insulation is an excellent alternative for those who are unable to install exterior insulation and, if done well, gives results comparable to those of external cladding.
In addition, with the new materials now available on the market, the thickness of the insulation layer has been minimized, so that the volume of the interior is unaffected.

Of course, the materials chosen for interior insulation and its installation make a significant difference. Even a small inaccuracy, crack or unevenness in the thickness of the insulation can partly nullify the seal provided by the cladding.

Special attention should be paid to the continuity of the materials used, where it is more difficult to cover the wall evenly. Even a small thermal bridge can lead to the generation of condensation and cause the mould you were trying to eradicate to reappear.

For this reason, it is best not to do the work yourself unless you have the necessary skills, and rather hire a company to take on the project with the best materials and proper installation techniques.

CAMS technicians will be able to best advise you for your specific requirements.

CAMS is a company specializing in exterior and interior thermal insulation.


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